physical therapy & wellness center

Welcome to Three Lakes Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. At Three Lakes Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing state of the art, compassionate, friendly and effective rehabilitation of your musculoskeletal condition. We are experts in treating all areas of the body from head and neck injuries down to the toes.

At Three Lakes Physical Therapy and Wellness Center we understand the impact that immobility, joint pain, musculoskeletal injury or reconstructive surgery has on your life, job, family and quality of life. We are uniquely qualified to provide complete, compassionate, state of the art care for your conditions.

Our team of professionals work with your physician to guide you through the often-difficult process of recovery from bone, joint and muscle injury or surgery. We use state of the art equipment and rehabilitation methods. We coordinate, communicate and design a unique rehabilitation program in collaboration with your physician in our modern facility.