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Why Three Lakes?

“My eleven sessions brought back my flexibility, strength, range of motion, normal walking gait and comfort. At thirteen weeks post-surgery I am back to full activity levels.

The experienced staff at Three Lakes Physical Therapy has given me the expert physical exercises to regain full use of my foot and ankle since breaking a metatarsal and spraining my ankle.”

— Mary E.

“I have had physical therapy before and this is the most professional, compassionate and focused team I have ever worked with. They are top notch!!”

— Stephanie G.

“Overall, I had a great experience with my rehabilitation sessions. The appointments were always courteous and professional. I leave my physical therapy feeling much better about the full rehabilitation of my ankle.”

— Hunter E.

“Thank you for the good care received and the quick turnaround time.”

— June P.

“Three Lakes exceeded my expectations on every level of physical therapy. The people here especially made each visit enjoyable as they are truly professional, friendly, and fun to work with…I would not hesitate returning to Three Lakes in the future or recommending this facility to my family and friends. Thank you for everything!”

— Jennifer M.