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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a very effective adjunct treatment that can help with reducing pain and allowing many patients to advance through rehab more quickly. It is a highly skilled
specific treatment technique used on muscular trigger points that can create or
contribute to pain and dysfunction. If trigger points are present and active, the muscle is
typically tight or guarded to the point where blood flow can slow, waste products accumulate and the muscle does not function normally. When the muscle is stimulated
with the needle, a twitch or rapid depolarization of the fibers takes place. This removes
the compression on the joint, nerve, or vascular tissue. As a result, the muscle
restriction reduces dramatically, allowing it to relax and the pain and dysfunction to
reduce. There are a number of theories that believe Dry Needling also stimulates the
release of the body’s own natural opiates, spurring and advancing the healing process.

Dry Needling must be administered by a highly skilled therapist with advanced training
in anatomy and musculoskeletal function and dysfunction. Leslie was certified to
perform dry needling in 2014 and has used it successfully many times since.

MLS Laser Treatments

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy capitalizes on the energy provided by concentrated levels of light to promote tissue healing, inflammation reduction and pain relief. During MLS laser therapy, the light energy is able to deeply penetrate into cells that have been damaged and stimulate healing activity. This therapy is particularly effective for soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments.The specific light wavelengths that are used trigger a strong anti-inflammatory response in these tissues, which is essential for reducing levels of swelling and pain. An added benefit to this particular treatment is improved circulation to an injured or damaged area. This helps reduce levels of stiffness and frequency of existing muscle spasms. Laser treatment can provide benefits for both acute and chronic conditions.  Best of all, laser therapy is proven to be safe (FDA-approved) and painless.  The average treatment time is only 10-15 minutes.

PT Tune-up

Are you missing our Three Lakes Physical Therapy team working with you on previously treated muscles, joints, aches and pains?
Are you wondering if you have been able to properly maintain and increase your strength and range of motion?
Do previous symptoms occasionally flare up and cause you concern?
Our new PT Tune up program is for you to get the periodic help you are looking for!


Sessions are 30 minutes and include a warm-up, manual therapy work, and discussion of home exercise program for progression and maintenance of your health!


GameReady’s Active Cold Therapy

● Improves post-operative range of motion and key, measurable physical therapy milestones.
● Reduces metabolic activity and cellular demand for oxygen, reducing secondary tissue damage.
● Draws heat away from the injury site for more efficient temperature reduction.

GameReady’s Active Compression Therapy

● Aids the prevention of edema formation and removal of swelling.
● Mimics natural muscle contractions, “pumping” edema out of the injured area.
● Optimizes lymphatic drainage.
● Increases blood flow and oxygen delivery.
● Stimulates tissue repair, encouraging acceleration of the healing process.

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